A debt album of a group of human-shaped machines, Study Who
This first experiment begins with a full album release intended by a future scientist, Ms. Wednesday.
A full album which reflects their “past”, “present”, and “future”
Their lead tracks “Sharon” and “アルストロメリア”, turns out bipolar, but melodic and emotional at the same time.
The massive loud sound that enhances gives them a distinctive feature.
With the voice of Ms.Wednesday dissolved into the sound, at no doubt will they take control of your hearts!!
Check out the “brain shaking chemical rock”.

[収録曲]1 : Monster land 2 : Sharon 3 : birthday
4 : HiVE 5 : Escape 6 : パルミラ 7 : 牡丹一華 -アネモネ-
8 : Chelsea 9 : Crazy rescue 10 : 理想郷 11 : e-shan’t-ten
12 : www. 13 : アルストロメリア
STWH-0001 ¥2,300+税 13tracks incl.

Digital distribution release resumed from April 30, 2020